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  • "he's good at dancing, good voice, handsome"
    {jimin off in the distance: aren't you complimenting him too much}

    Golden Maknae, Jeongguk ♡
  • it’s confirmed..


    jessica is really no longer apart of snsd. according to this article, snsd will continue to promote as 8.

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    The Space Between (틈)
    Soyou X Urban Zakapa
    The Space Between - Digital Single
    Soyou X Urban Zakapa - The Space Between (틈)
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look at his squishy fingers (゜´Д`゜)

    look at his squishy fingers (゜´Д`゜)

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    orange caramel - my copycat
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    bts can keep putting out bts bombs of members doing random shit like V saying hi for 9 seconds and Jin just eating a salad and looking at the camera for 2 minutes and it will still be the most important thing I watch all day

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    I wonder how many stranger’s stories we make it into? You know, maybe someone saw you in passing and told their friends about how pretty the girl in the lavender sweater was. Or maybe they overheard you say a joke and repeated it to their friend, confessing that they heard it from some guy at the store. 


    New Era of Civil Disobedience                              

    Anti-government activists gather during a protest in Hong Kong, China, late Saturday and in the early morning hours of Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014. 

    Pro-democracy protesters kick-started an occupation of central Hong Kong after students clashed with the city’s police, prompting thousands of people to take to the streets in support. 

    China said last month that candidates for the 2017 leadership election must be vetted by a committee, angering pro-democracy campaigners who say the group is packed with business executives and lawmakers who favor Beijing. 

    Read more from the report by Bloomberg News

    Photographer: Lam Yik Fei/Bloomberg     

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